[ANN] Continuing Update on SWYFT Merger

We are looking to our enhance brand recognition with the new merge. A beautiful website with informative content is being developed. The purpose is an aesthetically pleasing site to improve our offering as we reach out to new investors. Our intention is to look like a multi million pound business which we will become.

A major part of this process is to involve the entire community!! We want member’s viewpoints and opinions as to what to look at when investing in a new coin. Importantly, we are asking members to join us in determining the content based on what they think is best and what would be most effective.

We didn’t want to take an isolated approach and have a narrow viewpoint but rather a more rounded view to include opinions from you all. That is the major reason for creating the channel #community-web-content.

We will be offering incentives for ideas that are adopted. We also will be offering “good will gestures” for your assistance in developing our content and graphic designs. We want to recognize those members for the amount of time spent in helping to complete each task.

@Adam W will be controlling the majority of the developing process. That said, we will liaise with you by having valuable discussions as to great content building. Focus will always be on our valuable audience to achieve the ultimate goal of listing on larger exchanges.

The SWYFT Website will be the initial touch point for new visitors. It is crucial that we are most informative and extremely professional. We will showcase the project we build and the Dev team you all show faith in.

As we actively work on our current template PLEASE feel free to share your views on the Discord Channel. Please start you conversation in the designated channel. We will pin this message on the channel as well.

I will communicate shortly on the volume of coins rewarded for uptake to help us achieve our goals.

We look forward to working with you all!

Kind Regards,

Swyft Dev

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