BiFrost Coin (FROST) Announces Intention to Trade on Cryptopia!

BIFROST COIN (FROST) is pleased to announce that we have selected Cryptopia as our second trading platform and will be aggressively moving to open trading pairs in this powerful marketplace!

The Cryptopia exchange is a powerful currency trading platform based in New Zealand.

With daily volumes of 2,000 BTC ($15,000,000 usd) and serving over half a million users, Cryptopia is among the top Crypto Coin exchanges in the world, and is easily one of the top exchanges serving the Masternode AltCoin industry.

“When we looked for our next exchange, the volume of trading available on Ctyptopia made it a natural choice for us.” said “BifrostActual”, Founder and Technical Lead for the Bifrost Coin project.

“Although listing with Cryptopia is somewhat expensive, we feel it is well worth the money to provide our community access to the opportunities available in this exciting market.”

The BiFrost Team has begun the application process with Cryptopia, and looks forward to a very profitable partnership as we continue to grow as a currency and move into the general market.

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BiFrost Coin (FROST) is a new PoS/Masternode cryptocurrency providing fast, secure technology to bridge the gap in cryptocurrency transactions.