AN A.R EDUCATIONAL COIN HUNT – 20 Coins to collect!


Locate and collect a variety of Digital Coins and Digital Assets with your Smartphone in AR! The Crypto Hunter App is designed to educate Gamers on the masternode space alongside having fun whilst doing so.

Tools are advertised in the game alongside links to communities for further information and better an understanding of the market place

Crypto Hunter provides a safe environment that allows users the ability to find and collect Digital Assets in Augmented Reality. Each coin appearing in Crypto Hunter has been individually enhanced in vector-crisp 3D for maximum stimulation and enjoyment.

User have the ability to be able to Withdraw Digital Assets to a local wallet through the setting option

How to Play:

1) App Users download the Crypto Hunter App for FREE

2) Set-up your account (Username – Email and Password Required only

3) On Login – Crypto Hunter will drop Digital Treasures within a 3mile radius of your location

4) Travel towards the treasure you find and stand within 10 metres from them

5) Press AR Mode in the Crypto Hunter App and point your camera to the treasure, then tap to collect

6) Enter Address in Settings and Withdraw from the Menu option (1 Click)

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