Learn To Trade Crypto From Global Experts


“Cryptocurrency trading is a complex system and garnering the skills required to be successful can be a daunting task, often requiring years of training as well as substantial amounts of lost capital during the process.

For those that want to trade professionally, we will introduce you to fully validated trading professionals and provide you with a no win, no fee process that allows you to learn safely from expert traders around the globe.

This is trading, redefined, set free and open to all.”


 “SHADE MY TRADE” – Cryptocurrency Trading


The idea  is to allow novice traders to learn from Pro traders on the benefits of cryptocurrency trading.

This will be done by creating a web portal where two types of users can create accounts.

  • The first being Pro Traders (Pro’s) and
  • The second being Novice Traders (Novices).

The site will use FROST as the currency for transactions.




Using the portal “www.shademytrade.com” and logged into their account, a Pro trader enters their upcoming trade predictions.


Included is the entry price, exit price, exit date/time, and the “trading pair” in question.


The system then tracks the success ratio of each Pro trader’s predictions and assigns a rating to the trader.


Novices can then browse the library of Pro traders to view their history/stats to decide which Trader they wish to piggy-back on.


The Novice will then invest $10 of FROST (per trade)  for the system to reveal the Pro trader’s next trade details.


The user then creates an order using the same parameters as the Pro trader.

You also choose the amount to trade and wait for the result of the trade.


Subscription Model:


There also will be a subscription model whereby the Novice trader can

pay a monthly fee of $30 (FROST [non-refundable]).


This plan decreases  their “piggy – back” rate from $10 to $5.   Why? To incentivize two revenue streams, adding stability of the coin and increasing demand for FROST

Should the Pro trader’s prediction result in a successful trade then $10 worth of

FROST is split using the following ratio:


      • The Pro trader earns 20% of the FROST for correctly predicting the result.

      • The Network/Team gets 80% of the FROST for providing the infrastructure while maintaining &       expanding the FROST vision.


Should the Pro trader’s prediction fail, then the $10 worth of FROST is returned to

the Novice in full.  The Novice only pays when they profit.   Either you succeed or you  pay nothing.  No matter the result, you win while learning all about cryptocurrency trading.




In addition to the above functionality, we will allow Pro traders to offer training courses in technical analysis or any other related trading subject matter. This will be done by subscription and paid using FROST.


Their analysis would be captured using trading.


View widget links and attachments, while the system allows  1/1 messaging between the Pro trader and the Novice.


This will be priced per training session and/or a subscription/subsidized model.


BiFrost is currently looking at different avenues to pursue, hence Phase 2.


In the end, it’s all about “Cryptocurrency Trading” and Your Success!


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