Upgrade of Wallets and Masternodes [ANN]

The BiFrost Engineering team is happy to announce that the v 1.1 upgrade of our wallet is now available for download on GitHub.

This is a substantial upgrade that immediately forks the BiFrost blockchain as of block 165,437.

We are putting up an explorer for the new chain now, and as soon as that is complete, we will provide upgrade scripts for Masternode holders.


– While we transition and upgrade to the new chain, rewards have been reduced to 1 coin/block

– New collateral requirement for Masternodes is 10,000 FROST.  During the transition, both the 5,000 and 10,000 collateral levels will earn rewards.

– At block 175.437 (approx 1 week from now) masternodes with old collateral levels will stop earning rewards.

– Also at block 175,437 the rewards will temporarily double to 100 FROST/block for 10,000 blocks

– At block 185,437 the rewards will settle to their new level of 10 FROST/block.


Our partners will be notified and will be upgrading their software Therefore, shared/managed Masternodes and PoS pools may be up and down for the next few days.

Both exchanges (Cryptopia and CryptoBridge) are also being notified of the upgrade as they will be upgrading their wallets.

As soon as they notify us that everything is  ready, trading will resume.

When you upgrade desktop wallets, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you back up your wallet.dat files.

We have tested wallet upgrades quite a bit, but please exercise caution and have good backups before upgrading!

More to come as we continue to roll out new support information


*** Github link for new release is: https://github.com/bifrost-actual/bifrost-coin/releases

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